Using a 7T-MRI system designed for small animals (specifically, rats and mice), we are studying the mechanisms behind structural brain plasticity and neuron-to-vascular coupling. In addition, we perform translational research on animal disease models.
With the aim of understanding the neural mechanisms of our minds and their individual differences and pathologies, we conduct research on a wide range of issues and use functional neuroimaging techniques such as an fMRI.
We are working to develop a system for the improvement of brain functions in the elderly. Our system will be capable of preventing and improving senile dementia, and it will also support healthy brain development in children.
We are conducting two types of research currently. The first is basic and applied social research on neural decoding with the aim of reading individual cognitive states from brain activity, and the second is research which connects communication and collective neural synchrony using simultaneous multi-brain recordings.
To improve cognitive functioning and mental health, we are developing new training methods (e.g., through video games, exercise, cognitive training) and also validating the scientific evidence of the new training methods.
Using the new measures we’ve developed to quantitatively assess motivation for learning, as well as classroom observation and questionnaire surveys, we are engaged in research about student motivation to learn. As part of this investigation, we also look at the relationship between the motivation to learn and student lifestyles, family backgrounds, learning activities, attitudes in the classroom, and academic achievements.
The numerous activities of our group include developing a brain database for healthy children, clarifying normal brain development, elucidating lifestyle and genetic factors that influence brain development, and comparing the brains of normal patients using our brain database. With devices for scientific measurement, we also evaluate how products or systems which are developed by industries affect a consumer's brain and we carry out collaborative research between industries and the university based on the results.